Wandering Spleen, Snakes, and Gun Slingers

Wandering Spleen, Snakes, and Gun Slingers

I was on 6th Street last, 2/11/2017, and yes I saw Wandering Spleen, snakes, and gun slingers.  The street jazz band just so happened to be called “Wandering Spleen”.  At first I thought it was some kind of joke, but apparently one of the band members has been afflicted with the ailment, and hence the name.  Also, on 6th Street was a 11 foot  white and yellow boa constrictor.  The owner of the snake said this boa is very accustomed to being handled by humans.  Otherwise, they would not have brought it out to Dirty Sixth to celebrate.  Finally, there was a guy dressed up in a gun slinger outfit, and some how managed to get it painted with a copper metallic paint.

Jazz music ensemble on 6th Street Austin.

Jazz music by Wandering Spleen on 6th Street Austin.Trumpet Player on 6th Street AustinLive Music on 6th Street AustinBand named Wandering Spleen jaming on 6th Street Austin.Live Music on 6th Street AustinJazz Band, Wandering Spleen, on 6th Street Austin.

Band named Wandering Spleen Playing on 6th Street Austin

Wandering Spleen playing live on 6th street

Boa Snake being held on 6th Street AustinBoa on 6th Street Austin.Girl holding snake on 6th Street AustinCrazy Snake on 6th Street AustinBoa Constrictor on 6th Street AustinHolding Boa Constrictor on 6th Street Austin.

Girls having fun on 6th Street Austin

Gun Slinger on 6th Street AustinCowboy on 6th Street Austin