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Lit Lounge 12/17/2016

Lit Lounge on 6th Street Austin is one my favorite places to photograph.  The owner of Lit Lounge and the people that work there are top notch.  The folksthat run Lit Lounge want the patrons to have a great time but at the same have a safe experience.  I highly recommend Lit Lounge.

Anyway, on a cold December night, just a week and a half away from Christmas, the diehards came out and partied at the Lit Lounge.  Most people would have stayed home and sucked on their thumb, “Saying it too Cold”.  Not these people, and they had a great time in the cold weather in Austin Texas on a Christmas 6th Street Night.  Stay tuned.  I will be out there on New Years.  So check out the Photo gallery.

Lit Lounge can be found at Facebook Address 215 E 6th Austin TX 78701

Getting funky at the Lit Lounge

Featured Image

Walking Down 6th Street Austin

On December 17, 2016, despite a cold frigid night, people managed to get out and celebrate on 6th street Austin.  Ya, the crowd numbers might have been low but the diehards were out tonight.  I tip my hat to the ladies that were showing extreme dedication by wearing short skirts on 6th street Austin despite feeling like standing in a walk in freezer.  The cold, however, brought a welcome sense of civility.  Christmas is around the corner and the New Years so stay tuned.


Trumpet Player on 6th Street Austin

I always seem to see this gentleman on 6th Street Austin playing the Trumpet, and what I like about him is that he plays his way.  Not beholden to anyone else but himself, and I have the deepest respect for him because of that reason.

Man Playing Trumpet on 6th street Austin.

Trumpet Player on 6th Street Austin